Product History

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We’ve helped bring dozens of successful TV products to market.

Below are just a few.

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Smart Mop

Smart Mop is two great ideas in one perfect design. The super absorbent head will pick up any mess while holding 10 times its weight. The twisting handle makes ringing out no problem without having to dirty your hands. Reaches every corner and works on any surface without scratching or streaking. The tall design lets the mop do the work, not your back. More

HD Vision Wrap Arounds

These lightweight, durable sunglasses comfortably fit over your prescription glasses and stay on with ease. Made with 100% UV protection, these specially made lenses enhance your vision just like High Definition TV with the color, clarity and optical definition you don't get from ordinary sunglasses. More

HD Night Vision Wrap Arounds

HD Vision Wrap Arounds are the affordable, effective alternative to prescription sunglasses and clumsy clip-ons. Custom-look shades fit over regular eyewear to shield eyes from harmful UV rays and block light from the sides. High definition technology greatly reduces sun glare, provides clarity and enhances color. Night Vision Wraparounds help reduce headlight glare and improve twilight visibility. More

HD Vision Readers

These stylish, high-quality, high-definition sunglasses are like two pairs of glasses in one! They feature hi-tech, HD sunglass lenses that block out glare and enhance color and clarity, and have a built-in bifocal magnifying band for closeup vision that won't interfere with distance vision. Perfect for men and women. Designed in sleek, shatterproof plastic. Available in other magnifications. More

HD Aviators

The HD Vision Aviators sunglasses lets you protect your eyes while still being able to see everything in stunning colors, sharp clarity and high definition. These glasses feature built-in high-definition technology at a price that anyone can afford. The lenses reduce glare and feature UV400 protection. More

HD Vision Special Ops

With HD Vision Special Ops get ready to see enhanced color, and clarity. They tend to cut back glare without darkening your view. They are scratch-resistant and extremely durable. Perfect for many outdoor activities. The style frames are suitable and trendy for active lifestyles. They are ideal for driving, day or night. Wearing the Special Ops helps to cut down on glare from oncoming traffic. More

HD Vision Special Ops Blue Light Block

HD Vision introduces Special Ops Blue Light Block with advanced UV protection, lightweight metal frames and silicone nose pads. These glasses are designed to reduce digital eye strain. More


Engrave-It allows you to engrave nearly anything you can imagine on almost any type of surface: wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass and much more. Use Engrave-It to permanently label and protect your valuables. More

Twisty Towel / Turbie Twist

Turbie Twist is the original super absorbent hair towel. Its unique twist and loop system makes it the hair towel that stays in place. The Turbie Twist features a tapered design which allows for a perfect fit for most head sizes. Now made with 100% Microfiber, the Turbie Twist is functional, comfortable and lightweight. More