Product History

Product History

We’ve helped bring dozens of successful TV products to market.

Below are just a few.

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Joel Osteen Inspiration Cube

Portable audio player lets you listen to daily inspirational messages and sermons wherever you go. One-touch controls, high-quality speaker, headphone port and bluetooth capability. Rechargeable. More

Shoulder Saver

Shoulder Saver is the universal shoulder brace made with unique Silverprene high-tech compression material to help preserve blood flow and restrict motion, making Shoulder Saver the perfect brace for ligament or rotator cuff injury, sprains, tendonitis, arthritis in shoulder, and more. More

HD Smart Ear

HD Smart Ear fits conveniently in either ear and has easy-to-use touch controls and four different amplification levels. This home health care device is a personal amplifier that produces clear and natural sounds. Long-lasting battery life of up to 500 hours. More

Egg Pod

Egg Pod perfectly cooks eggs and detaches the shell. Simply shake to peel and you’ve got hard-boiled eggs in just 8 minutes. This unique design uses the power of your microwave to steam perfectly hard-boiled eggs and peel cooked eggs for you! The Egg Pod is dishwasher safe, so clean-up is a breeze. It is made of BPA-free plastic. More

Atomic Charge Wallet

Atomic Charge Wallet carries your essential cards and cash, and charges your smartphone on the go. With RFID-blocking technology, it keeps your credit card information safe. This slim, aluminum charging wallet boasts a sleek design that is lightweight and easily fits into pockets, purses, and more. More

Rocket Copters

Light up the night with the incredible new Rocket Copters! The amazing light up helicopters can be fired up to 120 feet in the air from the included slingshots to dazzle during the day, or light up the night with their brilliant motions. Just hook and launch, it's fun for kids of all ages. Ages 8+. More


RoboTwist's high-quality design makes opening stubborn jars convenient, fun and easy - just position RoboTwist, adjust, press the green button, and watch it un-lid tight fitting jars on its own! More


The Tac Bat combines the best features of our super bright lights but also has the heft and strength of military-grade aluminum alloy for the ultimate in personal protection. For the ultimate in personal protection. It even doubles as an escape hammer that can help you quickly break a window in an emergency. Plus, this flashlight has all the great features you've come to expect. More


Up to 40x brighter than standard incandescent flashlights. Resistant to moisture. Built-in zoom function. Zoom out to widen area of focus. Moveable lens bends 90° to brighten your path. More