Impact Charity

We have been incredibly blessed over the last 20 years. We are deeply grateful to our families, friends, clients, vendors, and everyone who has contributed to and helped in some way in our success. We have defied the odds as we’ve grown, evolved, and improved over these two decades. We don’t take it for granted, and so, with much gratitude in our hearts, we believe it is our obligation and duty to give back and “pay it forward.” With big plans for the future in this regard, here are just some of the charitable activities in which Impact’s team is participating.

Our Charity Work

Impact Charity – 2022

OneSky Charity Hike 2022


Once again and for the 7th year, the Impact team hiked to raise funds for OneSky.

We are proud to announce that the Impact team is the TOP GROUP FUNDRAISER with the highest fundraising results!



OneSky Charity Hike 2021


This year Impact team hiked across the globe in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and New York to raise funds for OneSky.


OneSky Charity Hike 2019


The year’s One Hike for OneSky on November 10, will be Bill Quarless’s fifth. He explains what makes it such an important event for him.

OneSky’s article

(03Nov18) OneSky Charity Hike_004

OneSky Charity Hike 2018


On November 3rd, and for the fourth year, the entire Impact team will be participating together in the OneSky Charity Hike.

(21Oct17) OneSky Charity Hike – 003

OneSky Charity Hike 2017


Once again and for the 3rd year, the Impact team will be hiking together to raise funds to help children in China. The whole company is participating in the OneSky Charity Hike.