Management Team

Bill – 9519

Bill Quarless

Founder & CEO

Before founding Impact Products in 2002, Bill was a procurement manager for one of the oldest and most respected companies in the “As Seen on TV” industry. He specialized in product development and China procurement. Through Impact, he has worked for several other top firms, developing and manufacturing products in Asia. He is widely recognized as an expert in his field and, as such, writes regular columns for several trade and industry magazines. Bill is a former US Marine non-commissioned officer. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rutgers University.


Subie – Photo

Subie Cheung

Director of Operations

Subie has been with Impact for 19 years, joining us in 2004 and quickly rising to the rank of second in command. Much of this had to do with her unparalleled organizational, interpersonal, and managerial skills as well as her mastery of English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. The latter in particular has made her an essential conduit between our American clients and the Chinese professionals who manage them. Under Subie’s leadership, Impact has grown revenues tenfold, tripled its staff and technical capabilities, and added several critical new departments.


Venus Kwong

Venus Kwong

Sourcing Department Manager

Venus has been with Impact for 15 years, joining us in 2008. She heads the sourcing department and has developed advanced sourcing techniques, programs, and methods to identify the best potential suppliers in China and Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Impact, Venus was a procurement specialist for a US-based company supplying Walmart, Target, K-Mart, and several other national retail chains.


Cyril – 9551.1

Cyril Wong

Production & Engineering Department Manager

Cyril is our head engineer and has been with Impact for 12 years. He and his team are responsible for overseeing all product development and production in the factories. Cyril has a degree in Mechatronics Engineering and more than 22 years of working experience. The engineers he supervises add mechanical, materials, and engineering management specialties to the Product Management division’s capabilities.


Paxson – 9667 – Crop

Paxson Leung

QA Department Manager

Paxson established our quality-assurance department 16 years ago, shortly after joining the company. He and his team of QA specialists are responsible for ensuring that all products meet established standards of quality, including regulatory, reliability, usability, and performance. Utilizing our in-house testing facility, Paxson and his team rigorously test every product and collaborate with our engineers to improve products consistently in an ongoing process.

April – 9546 – Crop

April Hung

Accounting & Admin Department Manager

April has been with Impact for 14 years, joining us in 2009. A multi-talented professional, she began as our logistics coordinator before taking the helm of the finance department. April has a degree in accounting from Australia’s Southern Cross University and nearly 20 years of professional experience. In addition to logistics and accounting, she is also proficient in all areas of human resources and business administration.



“From concept to completion, from ideas to reality, we deliver for our clients with care and commitment every step of the way.”