Who We Are

Impact Products is an American-owned company based in Hong Kong that focuses exclusively on high-volume China manufacturing for the top companies in the DRTV industry.

Our team of American and Chinese professionals is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. As Americans, we understand U.S. standards of quality and the rapidly changing demands of the American marketplace. As experts in China business, we know how to negotiate pricing and build relationships of trust. As a result, we offer our clients a powerful and unique advantage over their competition.

Most important, we understand the DRTV industry because we come from the industry and have years of experience in the industry. "I started my career as a procurement manager for one of the oldest and most respected DRTV companies in the business," says Bill Quarless, president of Impact Products. "I experienced first-hand all of the problems DRTV companies face when buying products from China. So when I built Impact a decade ago, I built it to eliminate those problems for its clients."

Impact Products prides itself on the things that matter most to DRTV companies:

  1. Our fast ramp-up times and the ability to handle the high-volume production necessary to supply a rollout DRTV campaign. This includes an intense focus on shipping quality products. We recognize that a single defective issue can cripple a DRTV campaign, so we employ multiple layers of quality control that we control, since anyone with experience in China knows corruption can be a problem.
  2. Our absolute commitment to confidentiality and secrecy. This goes far beyond mere pieces of paper (which are useless in China anyway) and to the deep relationships of trust we form with clients and partner factories. Even our website reflects our no-nonsense approach to protecting confidential information: Its client areas are encrypted and password protected.
  3. Our dedication to finding the lowest price in China for our clients. Over the last decade, we have developed advanced sourcing strategies and a competitive bidding model. All things equal, we guarantee the best price in China.