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Impact Products and IdeaVillage Do It Again, Break Into Top 10 with 2nd HD Vision Product

HONG KONG, June 26, 2009 - Last summer, Impact Products Ltd. announced that its HD Vision Wraparounds sunglasses had made into the Top 10 on the Jordan Whitney "Greensheet," an independent ranking of "As Seen on TV" hits provided by one of the industry's oldest monitoring services.

This summer, history is repeating itself.

After the huge success of HD Vision Wraparounds, Impact Products and marketing and distribution partner IdeaVillage Products Corp. went back to work on a sequel. They came up with HD Vision Readers, sunglasses with built-in reading glasses for comfortable reading outdoors. Like the Wraparounds and original aviators, HD Vision Readers also feature high-definition lenses that enhance colors and block glare.

The result was another "As Seen on TV" success story. In recent weeks came the ultimate proof of that success: The commercial for the sunglasses hit No. 10 on the same chart the Wraparounds topped just last year.

"It's not every day you have to handle high-volume production for two Top 10 hits in the same category," said Impact President Bill Quarless. "We had already sourced the best sunglasses factories in China and were at maximum production when we hit again. Rather than using substandard and unaudited factories, we needed to quickly expand production capabilities without affecting the quality of the product."

"Failing to meet the supply and quality demands could have easily devastated the marketing and retail programs IdeaVillage worked so hard to put together," Quarless continued. "But I'm happy to say everyone easily rose to the challenge.

About Impact Products

Impact Products Ltd. ( is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in high-volume China manufacturing and production management for the DRTV industry. For more information, e-mail

About IdeaVillage

IdeaVillage Products Corp. ( is a Fairfield, NJ-based marketing and distribution company specializing in DRTV products. In addition to the HD Vision line of sunglasses, recent successes include the Smooth Away hair remover, the Loud 'N Clear sound amplifier and a Top 10 diet product called Slim Shots.