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Impact Products Announces Its Latest Hit: IdeaVillage's HD Vision Wraparounds

HONG KONG, July 24, 2008 - Impact Products Ltd. announced today that its latest project, HD Vision Wraparounds, is officially a hit. The direct-response commercial for these innovative sunglasses is climbing the "As Seen on TV" charts, recently breaking into the Top 10 on the Jordan Whitney "Greensheet," an independent ranking provided by one of the industry's oldest monitoring services.

HD Vision Wraparounds are sunglasses that fit over prescription eyeglasses and "wrap around" to block sunlight from the sides. They also feature high-definition (HD) lenses that reduce glare and enhance colors, a technology introduced six years ago in a popular Aviator style. The commercial for the original HD Vision product came in at No. 25 on the Jordan Whitney "Top One-Hundred Short-Form Spots of 2002."

Like its predecessor, HD Vision Wraparounds are marketed and distributed by IdeaVillage Products Corp., a leader in the short-form infomercial industry. IdeaVillage has brought to market some of the nation's best-selling TV products, including the Listen Up sound amplifier and the Finishing Touch and MicroTouch hair removers.

"We couldn't ask for a better partner than IdeaVillage," said Impact President Bill Quarless. "Our manufacturing ability enabled us to provide quality sunglasses that typically cost $50 for under $10. But having a partner like IdeaVillage was equally important. Without exaggeration, we can say that this is the fastest we've ever seen an industry player maximize a hit."

Demand for the Wraparounds has been so strong that sales have already outpaced those of the 2002 product. Quarless attributed this, in part, to a faltering U.S. economy that has made consumers more value conscious than ever. HD Vision Wraparounds are considerably more affordable than prescription sunglasses, which can cost hundreds of dollars, he explained.

Impact Products and IdeaVillage plan to introduce additional HD Vision products later this year.

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