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Smart Inventions and Impact Products Announce Retail Rollout of Engrave-It, Fueled By Success of New Infomercial

HONG KONG, May 23, 2008 - Smart Inventions Inc. and Impact Products Ltd. are proud to announce the retail rollout of their newest hit together: the Engrave-It cordless engraving tool.

The Engrave-It is a pen-sized device for etching letters or designs into wood, metal, plastic or other surfaces. It can be used to put identifying marks on tools or keys, or to add a personal touch to gifts and keepsakes.

After validating the product last year by selling more than a quarter million units in catalogs and via direct mail, Smart Inventions launched a successful short-form infomercial that recently broke the top 25 on the Infomercial Monitoring Service's "National Cable DR Spot Ranking." Backed by this national advertising campaign, the company is aggressively moving to maximize their placement at major retailers.

"Having a successful direct-marketing campaign on the air means we're generating millions of consumer impressions for the Engrave-It," said Jon Nokes, founder and CEO of Smart Inventions. "Since only about 10 percent of consumers buy directly from TV, the rest of that demand is going to be met at our retail partners' stores."

Nokes added that the Engrave-It represents his "comeback item" because it puts Smart Inventions back at the top of the infomercial industry after several years spent pursuing other opportunities. "We led the industry in the 1990s, doing more than $1 billion in sales on our top five items alone," he said. "Now we're back, and the Engrave-It is the first of many hits to come."

The Engrave-It commercial features Billy Mays, one of TV's most famous and successful pitchmen, Nokes said. On TV, the product sells for $14.99 and includes several bonus items. At retail, the product without the bonus items sells for $9.99.

"We're just happy to have chosen the right partner and to be along for the ride," said Bill Quarless, president of Impact Products, the company that developed and manufactures the Engrave-It. "We're a China production management firm that does mostly OEM items. We only develop a few of our own products each year. So when we do, it's critical for us to work with highly competent partners like Smart Inventions that know how to maximize sales."

Quarless also lauded Nokes's "brilliant strategy" of validating consumer demand in catalogs, direct mail and credit-card syndication before rolling out in other sales channels. Nine out of 10 DRTV launches fail because most direct marketers rush to market, he explained. "Jon takes the opposite approach," he said. "He takes the time to prove out the item and perfect his marketing, so he knows an item is going to sell well when it hits store shelves."

The Engrave-It is available at all major retailers, including Target, Walgreens and Bed Bath & Beyond. It can also be purchased online at

About Smart Inventions

Smart Inventions( is headquartered in Paramount, Calif. Since 1992, the company has enjoyed unprecedented success in marketing direct-response products. Its first big hit, the Smart Mop, sold more than 12 million units. Subsequent hits include the Smart Chopper, the Tap Light and the Twisty Towel. The DRTV campaigns for these and other successful items have won scores of prestigious awards from industry groups for execution and results. Internationally, Smart Inventions markets products in over 40 countries on six continents, in virtually every nation where DRTV is possible.

About Impact Products

Impact Products ( is a China manufacturing and production management firm that specializes in the development and production of DRTV products. American-owned and Hong Kong-based, the company has established a reputation for delivering competitive prices without sacrificing quality. The company has an extensive network of Asian partners that gives it the ability to manufacture a wide variety of items, from toys and electronics to household and kitchen products. For more information on Impact Products contact the Hong Kong office at (852) 2139-3961, via e-mail at or visit