Braving an Economic Monsoon

By Thomas Haire
April 2009

Certainly, the North American businessperson has heard more than his or her share of economic horror stories during the past eight months. However, the economic crisis has not been contained to the Americas - that's why it's often referred to as the "global economic crisis," after all.

And, perhaps no group of nations has been hit quite as hard as those in the Pan-Pacific market - ranging from the  English-speaking island nations of Australia and New Zealand, northward throughout Southeast and South-central Asia. Import/export issues have hammered China, India, Japan and other major Asian markets repeatedly since the middle of 2008.

At the same time, the threats of terrorism and extensive counterfeiting operations continue to hamper the Pan-Pacific region in its efforts to become not just a hotbed of direct response product manufacturing, but also of DR consumerism.

In the face of these issues, Response gathered a group of experts on the region to find out what opportunities are out there for DR marketers looking to work in these markets. While these experts point to Japan, Australia and New Zealand as having the best potential to reach consumers, they also warn that planning and education are major necessities before jumping into this part of the world ...

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